Space Gang Club Universe

The Space Gang FusionOps club is a collection of 2,966 unique tokens created with love and passion, and stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. FusionOps cards holders have a full membership pass to all Space Gang Club perks.

Our story has just began...

After 13 failed escape attempts from the Evil Board’s prison the Crypto Asylum, we have finally succeeded. Trufy stole the Cryptominer and managed to cut the 59 prisoners loose. We took our chance and disappeared in the most dangerous place that has ever existed… The Blockchain. We are not safe yet, though, as creatures like us are traceable in the Blockchain. After the break out we used the Cryptominer and we were transformed into Crypto hashes, now we travel from galaxy to another one in this big and expanding universe. This complicated transaction left tracks in the Blockchain, and the Evil Board has recruited Space Mercenaries and has started to collect hashes to catch us. the only chance we have to get off the grid is to merge our hashes with the ether hash and hope that FusionOps community will help save us. A big storm is approaching the Crypto World. Space Mercenaries are out to destroy us, but when the time is right, WE WILL GIVE ’EM HELL !!!

Space Gang leader turfy
Meg checking fusionops collection on opensea marketplace

How to become a member of The Space Gang circle

The FusionOps community is committed to helping save our Space Gang buddies from the Evil Board. It is up to all of us to choose between saving them or letting them face the evil by themselves. Join our noble movement and help protect the Space Gang! the complex CryptoAlgo program, made specially for this mission, tracks all Space Gang members across the universe in the Blockchain. So far, 2 966 hashes of the Space Gang from 40 different planets have been tracked and stored in opensea. Our allies in Cryptomeum tell us that 14 heavily armed Space Mercenaries have been sent to hunt us. We are ready, and with your help we will defeat them.

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